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The WiFlyerTM lets you connect to an ordinary phone line to enjoy convenient, secure, wireless Internet access in your home, office or hotel. The compact and portable WiFlyer is a full featured Wireless Access Point that allows one or more PCs to share a single dialup or broadband Internet connection from your existing ISP. Designed for ease-of-use, your browser automatically directs you to clear, simple setup screens to make installation and dialing a snap. Files, photos and printers may be easily shared between PCs while the WiFlyer also doubles as a portable broadband wireless access point when an Ethernet connection is available. Compatible with any 802.11b or 802.11g WiFi-equipped PC and laptop, the WiFlyer can immediately access the Internet at distances up to 200 feet and network speeds up to 11Mbps.

Key Features
  • Wireless WiFi / 802.11b Internet access using existing dialup services.
  • Sleek, portable design easily fits in any briefcase or laptop bag - or even in your pocket.
  • Easy to install and use by connecting to a standard phone line.
  • Browser automatically defaults to intuitive WiFlyer web pages for easy dial setup.
  • Works with any WiFi-enabled Windows®, Linux®, Mac® OS and UNIX® system.
  • Fully compatible with acceleration software and services to achieve up to a 6x speed increase.
  • Convenient wireless networking allows multiple PCs to share files, printers, and a single dialup connection.
  • Quick-connect button eliminates time waiting for dialup connection.
  • Secure wireless communications using up to 128-bit WEP encryption.
  • Supports broadband wireless connections through its Ethernet port.
  • Internal high-gain diversity antennas permit up to 300 ft range, optional external antenna available.
  • International design for worldwide use.
Always On Wireless - WiFlyer Wireless Base Station
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